What We Provide

The services we provide are designed to fulfill upon our mission:

“To provide quality care that goes beyond medical needs and requirements, but also physical, emotional and spiritual comfort for our patients and their loved ones. Our hospice team are trained to have good communication skills, and emotional support to provide dignity and comfort, as our patients and loved ones prepare for the passing of this life.”

With the mission as the context for our services, we provide the following:

Pain & Symptoms Management

Helping our patients with care


With prescription from a physician

Medical Equipment

and supplies


Spiritual, welfare & nutrition


Physical, speech and occupational

Nursing Care

By skilled dedicated professionals

Respite Care

At your place of residence

Social & Emotional Support

Trained to listen with compassion

Volunteer Service

A spirit of contribution

Bereavement Counseling

For one year after funeral

On-call Service

7 days a week and 24-hours a day

Continue Care

Until last moment of life

Place Of Care

Home Care

Hospital Care

Nursing Home Care

Boarding Care

About Payment

There are several options for payment for hospice care. Our team can help you navigate through the process from insurance and application to State and Federal programs.

Who pays for hospice care?

Medicaid / Medi-Cal
Private Insurance
Personal Expense

*Original Medicare will cover 100% everything you need related to your terminal illness.
*Eden hospice can contact the patient’s insurance company to ask about coverage provided.

What hospice benefit won’t cover

  • Treatment intended to cure your terminal illness and/or related conditions.
  • Prescription drugs except for symptom control or pain relief.
  • Care from any provider that wasn’t set up by the hospice medical team.
  • Care you get as a hospital outpatient (as in emergency room), care you get as a hospital inpatient, or ambulance transportation.

You are not alone

If you or your family member is facing the end of life and is in need of a professional hospice care, please feel free to contact us.

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